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Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are systems that combine the output of multiple small energy resources, such as EVs, rooftop solar, and batteries, to act as one large power plant controlled by a central operator. VPPs can be used to generate revenue streams for their owners, and can send power to the grid at critical times. VPPs improve the utilization of renewable energy and the stability of the grid.


Participate in Demand Response Programs

As an EV owner, you can participate in your utility's demand response program through Gradient. Gradient combines all types of small energy resources (also known as Distributed Energy Resources or DERs) and sells energy to utilities when the grid is under stress. Gradient compensates all owners in proportion to the energy sent to the grid from that particular resource. Help decarbonize the world by selling energy through Gradient. This reduces the use of fossil fuels being used to provide power at critical times.

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